Interior Decoration

In the old times, the carpets were woven for functional needs. They were not expected to have geometric dimensions. The main purpose was isolation and filling the empty spaces.

Throughout the middle ages, handmade carpets become one of the most prestigious items for gift exchange among kings, sultans and emperors. Palaces, castles and mansions of the nobility were filled with beautiful carpets.

Nowadays, carpets that have decorated living rooms, chambers and gardens of ancient aristocracy can be used for decorative purposes in modern living environments such as mansions, villas, offices, condos or flat studios. Double-sided kilims are also budget friendly and effective in modern decoration. Fine silk carpets and certain versions of cotton carpets are framed and used for wall decorations like a painting.

Buying habits of end customers, interior designers, trend-setters and appreciators of handmade carpet art, reshape the modern designs, sizes and colors.